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  • karjunkie 02/15/10 9:46 am PST

    Before things get worse, you should have the fluid and filter changed. This A4LD transmission has a tendency to clog the filter resulting in low fluid pressure that is exacerbated by winter conditions as the fluid is slightly thicker when cold. That, in turn, leads to the symptoms you note. DO NOT flush the transmission, just drop the pan and change the fluid with Mercon V and a new filter. A transmission with 186K miles should not be power flushed as too much gunk will be loosened with catastrophic effect. On an older transmission like this, I like to add Seafoam Trans Tune additive about a week before I do a fluid and filter change as it will gently clean some of the worst gunk. If you still have problems, check the vacuum modulator. The part is on the outside of the case. It only costs about $25 and frequently fails on an older A4LD tranny like yours. Pull the vacuum line off and if you see transmission fluid inside the line, the diaphragm is shot and you need to replace the modulator..


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