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  • kiawah 03/06/08 12:03 pm PST

    With a hard failure like you have (blowing fuses), it's easier to isolate and identify the problem ....versus if you had an intermitent problem. I would suggest getting your hands on a set of electrical schematics for your vehicle, and find out what all is on that circuit. Disconnect everything you can from the circuit, then put a new fuse in and see if it still blows (which means something you didn't disconnect), or not. If it didn't, turn off the vehicle, plug in a couple things, turn back on and see if it blows. Through a process of elimination you will zero in on what is bad.

    You might try helminc.com to see if they have your yr/model of factory service manuals, if so they have a deal that for like 2 or 3 days of online access (which you can print what you need on your printer), it's very reasonably priced (like under 20 bucks if I remember correctly).

    Good luck.

  • tinnman 04/13/08 10:06 pm PST

    i would just like to step in and ask if you have come up with a solution? i have been dealing with the exact problem, but no fuse blowing,and im not so sure the only speed sensor is in the differential.the ford parts guy said that is definitely for ABS "only".however we are now "again" looking for the "vehicle" speed sensor! sounds like we have identical trucks you may not have cruise control either--i think maybe it is internal of the trans,or something cause ford said my speed sensor is in one of two places--the old speedo cable spot on the tailshaft, which mine has a blokoff plate on it, or a single wire sending unit mid section of the case,and this one doesent exist on mine. any help much appreciated, tomorrow the dealer is open and they will have to help me now so i will keep posting until mine is fixed

  • Carguy820 02/10/09 5:38 pm PST

    Do you have cruise control on your truck? I have been going through the same issues with my 96 f150. I replaced the cruise control switch on the brake master cylinder, which was leaking, and my transmission started shifting properly again. My truck is blowing the fuse for the cruise control and shift interlock. The switch was leaking for some time and I believe it has shorted out my cruise control. There is a recall for the switch harness which also connects to the cruise. I will get that done next and see if it helps before replacing the cruise control unit. I have the same P500 speed sensor code that you have. I am going to clear the codes tonight and see if it comes back. Until then I will continue putting the shifter in neutral with the key turned to acc. before starting (bypasses the shift interlock).
    I think your dash lights may be a different issue all together.

  • pcampbell2 04/01/10 7:00 am PST

    I have the same problem. The fuse keep blowing and whats diffrent between yours and mine is that its a 5 speed standard. Not an automatic so no shifter on the tranny. I am very puzzled about this and trying to figure it out. appears to be a common problem. I have to check the recall notices and see if there was a recall on these speed sensors. I have a 1995 with 4.9/Inline-6 cylinder. Will keep you posted on what I find out.

  • rprayny 11/22/10 1:05 pm PST

    For some reason guess fords are known to do this. I have a Taurus 98 the VSS is bad. When I drive it shift bad and in wrong times. I have a fuse which is #23 WIPERS/VAPS keeps blowing as soon as i turn the key. But i researched all this and found out the ABS (if equipped) and VAPS use the VSS information to adjust or react properly to your shifting. A Bad Vehicle Speed Sensor can cause your fuse to keep blowing. one way to know exactly is locate the VSS in your car (google or youtube it ) unplug the wires to it and then put a fuse see what happens. Most likely thats what happens. In my case I had a bad ECU which ran the alternator really hot popped every light bulb in the car lol. Burned the instrument cluster/dim lights and the VSS Sensor. I replaced the ECU /bulbs and got a new battery and its now fine except the shifting and the fuse that keeps popping. So I am now going to check into the Fuse more see the wiring diagram but check the VSS as well because my powersteering is lacking as well (VAPS). So there you go.


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