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  • karjunkie 05/27/09 12:52 pm PST

    To answer the basic question first, no the computer's inability to reset program would not "destroy" the transmission because you have a bad cat that is throwing off DTC codes. That is just a fairy tale! Now, given that you need about $3,500 worth of repairs, the question is do you really want to spend that on a car that so far has been a lemon? I'd suggest the answer is no. I would refill the tranny with fresh fluid and drive it till it dies.

  • vacaloc23 06/23/09 10:59 pm PST

    I have the same problem and I found this guy name chuy he just to work at vw dealer I took the car to him ad the computer was reprogram to bad my problem was mehcanicalnot electrical or electronic I bought a obd reader at harbor tool fright for 20.00$ and the code I get was exactly the one that chuy toll me torque coverter clutch was ope I replace the toruqe coverter my self the price for the part was 200.00it took me 2 days to remove the trany but today I ca remove it in 2 hrs & put back in 2 hrs .well I went for a ride & the son of $#@^@*&(^%@^%@$ donot perform I call chuy he toll me that the car coputer eeds to be reprogram a gain due to the removal of the wierig blabla bla oe thing he say is tha thecars are program to fail at certig millage so that we can take it to the dealer many guys have ther probles fix by chuy the guy is fare he cherged me 50.00 fo reprogramin the computer ad the he toll me afeter you chage the part brig it back to reprogram the computer I dont, know where do you live but if you want the umber tell me is worth the call ill tell you what hapen after I take it back

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