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  • zizou 01/08/11 9:54 am PST

    My 2006 Jetta TDI has had transmission failures on two occasions!!!! As you mentioned, I did not read the manual closely and missed the first 40K transmission fluid change service. The dealership told me that this lead to my first failure at 60K. it just failed again at 92K. The first time, after much spirited arguments regarding the fact that I have never heard of a vehicle that needed trans service every 40k, VW covered half of the bill but I still paid $1700. This time I am told it is 1700 repair again. After reading about many DSG failures in VW, I can only assume that this DSG technology is very unreliable. The dealership told me that the new engone(2.0) is less reliable then mine!!!!!! This is a mess. I would not buy another VW!!!!!!


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