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  • karjunkie 03/08/10 5:57 pm PST

    I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you have a Ford truck,right? If so these codes indicate one of three things: a bad MAF sensor, a vacuum leak or a bad DPFE sensor. These are common on Ford trucks when those two codes come up. They mean you have a lean burn condition on both banks of the engine. In most cases it,'s the MAF sensor and you can try cleaning it to see if that works. Use CRC sensor spray and clean the sensor wire carefully. On the 3.8L engines, it is common to develop intake manifold leaks. You can test for these with starter fluid sprayed around the base of the IM. If you get a surge off idle, you've found your problem. Also check the PCV valve vacuum hose for cracks and leaks. Lastly, Ford DPFE sensors tend to go bad after 60K miles, so check that as well.

  • disbo 03/08/10 8:07 pm PST

    I guess it would have been helpful if I would have said that the truck is 02 chevy silverado, with a 4.3 engine. Probably, not a whole lot of diff. in trouble codes. I will try your remedies and let you know what I find out. Thanks for your help!

  • karjunkie 03/09/10 7:39 am PST

    My answer would be the same except for the DPFE sensor. You don't have one. But I'll mention that these codes don't have anything to do with the O2 sensors.


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