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  • karjunkie 12/13/08 9:22 am PST

    The flasher is integrated into the switch, so you need to replace the hazard switch.

    There should only be one hazard switch that pushes in. On some models it is on the steering column or on the dash. The switch should just pull out.


  • zsu 01/04/09 4:42 pm PST

    be very sure there are no bad bulbs(recheck them,recheck fuses)i had a very simlar problem,and i even rechecked.turned out i checked backup instead of sig/brk.i messed with it for over a month.i was very embarrassed. recheck

  • rickman 01/05/09 11:31 pm PST

    As it turns out it was the combination switch. I could not get the old one out and then by accident I moved the lever and the turn signals started to work. I put it back together and returned the unused part. All is well.

  • jkugler 02/13/09 12:28 am PST

    Check the relay


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