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  • alaskanj 02/20/10 12:12 am PST

    The diagram and the actual layout of the fuses can be confusing at times, the easiest way is to match up the bigger items in the diagram to the actuals such as the relays. if that dont work then do it by the size of the fuses match those up. example: from top to bottom 10,10,10,7.5,5,5,5,
    30,30,20,20,15,15 , and so on. but if that still doesnt work, then start pulling the fuses one at a time and do a visual inspection of the element and put them back until you find one that is blown. I'd start with the bigger ones first 50,40,30, or 25 amp ones first... Keep in mind that there might be two different fuse panels, 1 under the hood and another in the vehicle under the dash or on the side of the dash. Look in the owners manual for the locations.. Click the "ANSWER THIS QUESTION" tab to ask us more questions if you need more help.

  • yukonhawk 03/18/10 4:12 pm PST

    Hi There,

    I am not sure if anyone answered your question or not, but the same thing happened to me perodically over the last 3 years. However this time the computer did not reset the it self like it had in the past and the problem would not come up again for many months. The problem is a bad Audio Finisher circuit board. I just called Pepe Infiniti in Whiteplains NY and the part itself is over 800 clams!!! That's not including labor. Here's a link to the service notice I pulled down off the net today. http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/badda

    I hope this helps you. The other option I read about is to contact a radio repair place in Massachusettes. The number is 1-800-948-5008. I would have provided the link to their site but I can't remeber how I can across it.The only problem with this is that you have to pull the radio out yourself ans send it to them. If you have the time to do it yourself you'll save yourself a boatload of money. Again time has to be on your side. If you have anymore questions e-mail me at yukonhawk@yahoo.com

  • castroo 03/20/10 3:09 pm PST

    hi your problem is the radio the circuit board has failed..the radio and a/c controls share the same board and thats why your controls dont work..the best fix for this is to get a metra kit or the jdm double din kit from the dealer or on the web(metra is the cheapest) buy a new radio (whatever brand you like) and replace the stock radio.. the is the PERMANENT solution.. you can have the board fixed (for more money ) by the dealership or radioshop but most times the problem still comes back..

    I have a 03 g35 sedan and had the same problem..so last month i replaced the radio and installed it myself with the new dash ..now i have all my controls back and my radio works and sounds a whole lot better with the new unit..

    I am in dallas tx and can help with the instal if you like its not too hard but is involved

  • rs_ontario 06/21/10 9:53 pm PST

    I had that problem back in 2005 and had it fixed under warranty. During the past couple of months the problem started up again. I picked up a new audio control board for about $100 from a dealership the other day, took everything apart and installed it. Same problem. Today I went to the Clarion Service center in Oakville, Ontario with the stereo unit from my car. For $225 they will rebuild the unit (which apparently addresses the problem). Turns out they do so many that they have an inventory of rebuilt units in stock so I just took one of those. Got home, put it in and everything seems to be working. I have had the car out 5 times today without any issues.

  • cfurlotte 05/01/12 8:55 pm PST

    I have this same problem now. The dealer says they need to replace the radio and the circuit board, plus labor=$1,400. Can anyone confirm that if I replace only the radio with an aftermarket radio that my climate control will still work?


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