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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/27/12 10:59 am PST

    This wasn't a "recall" (which are usually only for safety reasons) but a Technical Service Bulletin, which is a dealer advisory only. So the dealer is under no obligation to repair the vehicle for free.

    I think your complaint is with the dealer, not with GMC therefore. Ask them to look up this TSB and to offer you at least partial relief.

    A clogged drain, if that were the problem (this TSB suggests otherwise, but you never know) is something you might be able to clear out by buying a can of compressed air and squirting it in the drain hole (you can see them in the runners of the sunroof).

    You can test the drains by pouring a little bit of water in them...if they are working properly, you'll see the water draining out the bottom, by the front or rear wheels. (some roofs have two drains per side).

    Here's what the TSB says:


    Bulletin No.: 10-08-67-001A

    Date: February 26, 2010

    Subject: Headliner Wet/Water Leak into Cab from Front Sunroof Glass (Replace Sunroof Window Weatherstrip/Seal)
    2008-2009 Buick Enclave
    2007-2009 GMC Acadia
    2007-2009 Saturn OUTLOOK

    This bulletin is being revised to update the Cause and Correction information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 10-08-67-001 (Section 08 - Body and Accessories).


    Some customers may comment on a water leak coming from the front sunroof glass, which may result in the headliner being wet and/or water leaking into the cab.


    The sunroof glass panel weatherstrip/seal may have failed to retain its designed shape, resulting in a water leak that overwhelms the sunroof module water trough.

    The sunroof glass seal is not designed to be completely water tight. Minor drips witnessed dropping into the water management system can be expected. Heavy streams of water passing by the weatherstripshould not be evident.

  • morin2 01/27/12 6:09 pm PST

    I sympathize with you. Its an awful way to discover that a relatively new car might be a health threat to your child.

    TSBs aside, sunroofs commonly leak. If you are nosy like me, and spend any amount of time in the waiting room of car dealer service departments, you'll observe how common a problem this is by watching people bring problems to the service writers. I'd estimate that dealers get this complaint several times a day. I agree with Mr. Shiftright but would go as far to add that some type of anti-fungal treatment should also be done to the drain lines. Commonly, bleach is the solution. It may be needed several times a year to keep fungi and bacteria from growing in the drains. This seems to be a much bigger problem with cars stored outdoors.

    I've had a few cars with sunroofs because they were bought used and I had little choice in equipment, but I was lucky. I also cleaned out the drains before they leaked - just in case. Luck notwithstanding, I would not buy a new car with a sunroof due to the added risk. I'm sure you'll now also be a member of the "no sunroofs club" too. For now, I'm afraid you'll have to pay for at least part of the cost to clear the drain. I'd be more concerned about effectively killing the fungi/mildew.

    Good luck.

  • techxpert 01/13/13 11:08 am PST

    It's not the tubes, it's not extensions, there is a flaw in the Acadia sunroof design that causes this water leak.


  • techxpert 01/13/13 11:16 am PST

    Buying a newer general motors product is a bad idea if you ask me. They have really let go of their quality and more about cutting corners to make a bigger profit.but with every vehicle there are issues that aren't perfect. Unfortunately this one is more unacceptable than other vehicles. Being a custom car builder I believe the best car is on that you build for yourself or have built for you. And they will always be evolving as you are in your wants and needs.


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