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  • 0patience 03/14/11 11:33 pm PST

    09 what? What engine?
    How do you know it isn't burning it?
    How many miles are you putting on in 3 months?
    Just because you can't see blue smoke coming out the exhaust doesn't mean it isn't burning it.
    Did they also check the oil for fuel dilution?

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  • bdogjr 03/15/11 9:29 am PST

    as it states in my question its an 07 monte carlo with a 5.3 that I bought in 09 and in 2 years I have put 13k on, no burning smell and I use synthetic oil that is changed every 3k . New pan gasket new pcv valve and alot of aspirin! have checked antifreeze for oil and I have found no leaks anywhere!

  • 0patience 03/15/11 8:22 pm PST

    Sorry, but no where in your post does it say it is an 07, nor what engine.

    Again, did they check for fuel dilution in the oil?
    Either it is leaking or you are burning it. With today's cats, you might not even see or smell burning oil. So it might be real difficult to tell if you are burning oil.

  • bdogjr 03/17/11 7:02 pm PST

    not sure about fuel dilution was told to change oil tried differnt filter however I don't think this is the problem also finding out there maybe a recall on this motor on all 07s will find out about dillution

  • 0patience 03/17/11 8:00 pm PST

    There are no recalls for oil leaks on that engine. There are 2 Service bulletins regarding leaks. Service bulletins are at the customer cost, unless under warranty.

    Engine - Oil Leaks From Rear Cover
    Bulletin No.: 05-06-01-034L
    Date: July 23, 2010
    Subject: 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L, 7.0L - Engine Oil Leak at Rear Cover Assembly Area (Engine Block Porosity RTV Repair Procedure)
    Some customers may comment on an engine oil leak.
    Upon initial diagnosis, it may be determined that the leak is coming from the rear cover gasket. This condition may be caused by engine block porosity on the sealing surface. This issue pertains to aluminum block applications only.
    Engine - Low Oil Lamp ON/Oil Leaks
    Bulletin No.: 07-06-01-004A
    Date: November 25, 2008
    All Vortec(R) GEN IV V8 Engines - LY2 LS4 LC9 LH6 LMG LY5 LS2 L76 LY6 L92 LS7, Low Oil Level Indicator Lamp On and/or Engine Oil Leak (Reseal Oil Pressure Sensor)
    Some customers may comment on a low oil level indicator lamp on and/or engine oil leak. Upon further investigation, the technician may find that the oil leak is at the oil pressure sensor that is threaded into the valve lifter oil manifold (VLOM) assembly and/or engine valley cover.
    If the engine oil leak was found to be at the engine oil pressure sensor, then remove the oil pressure sensor and reseal with a pipe sealant with Teflon or equivalent, P/N 12346004 (in Canada, P/N 10953480).

  • turbobrix 04/04/11 4:50 pm PST

    First off, to 0patience, the engine and car were stated in the title of the original question so do us all a favor and read more thoroughly before responding like that.

    Secondly, bdogjr, don't let anyone feed you any more crap about this issue. This IS A PROBLEM that GM acknowledges. Going through the same issue with a Monte SS, 50k miles, 5.3 engine, purchased new, always been babied & serviced at the dealer, etc. Today the GM service manager said "it is normal to go through 1 qt. of oil every 1,000 miles after you reach 30,000 on the motor." That means 3 qt. of oil in 3,000 miles, this isn't normal for any car!

    This is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. And GM just sent an alert about an oil consumption issue in this model and engine.

    Go to GM and make your concerns known, this is NOT normal!

  • 0patience 04/04/11 5:47 pm PST

    "do us all a favor and read more thoroughly before responding like that."
    The year was no where listed.
    And since people have a habit of forgetting info, it is prudent to ask for ALL of the information.
    By the way genious, the thread is fairly old. Do you go through old posts just to create problems?

  • turbobrix 04/04/11 6:06 pm PST

    Sorry, not trying to cause problems, just saw this and it is the exact same issue so thought I would share GM's dianosis. I thought that's what these forums were for is to help each other out.

    And yes the year was not listed, however the engine most definitely was.

    Regardless, can you explain how this is supposed to be "normal behavior"? I simply will not accept this as normal, .

    This isn't just 2 random guys with this issue on the same vehicle, GM sent out a notification about this but will not do anything about it. They say the engine my need to be rebuilt to correct it but at the owners expense...hard to believe after so few miles.

    Also, the repairs for the 2 TSB's you posted were done but did not make any difference.

  • 0patience 04/04/11 10:49 pm PST

    Did the dealer ask you to fill out an Oil Economy Test - Data Sheet each time you checked and added oil?

    This is a summary of GM's bulletin regarding oil consumption.

    Oil Consumption
    The accepted rate of oil consumption for engines used in the vehicles referenced is 0.946 liter (1 qt) in 3200 km (2000 mi).
    Important: Certain models have a new GM Extended Warranty. Please refer to the appropriate Owner's Manual for warranty information.
    This rate only applies to personal use vehicles, under warranty, that are driven in a non-aggressive manner and maintained in accordance with the appropriate maintenance schedule, with less than 58,000 km (36,000 mi), or 80,450 km (50,000 mi) for Cadillac, driven at legal speeds in an unloaded (for trucks) condition.

    Important: This rate does not apply to vehicles that are driven in an aggressive manner, at high RPM, high speeds, or in a loaded condition (for trucks). Oil consumption for vehicles driven under these conditions will be more.

    If the final evaluation shows that the engine uses more than 0.946 liter (1 qt) in 3200 km (2000 mi), follow the published symptom diagnostics as described in the appropriate Service Manual. If the oil consumption test shows that the engine uses less than 0.946 liter (1 qt) in 3200 km (2000 mi), explain to the customer that their engine meets the guidelines for oil consumption.

  • turbobrix 04/08/11 10:52 am PST

    Yep, still going through these steps w/ the service guys at the dealer. Right now it is borderline "acceptable and normal behavior". This mornings check showed 3/4 qt. low at just under 2,000 miles.

    So, I would like your personal opinion on this matter. Your last post is pretty much the same info. that the dealer is relaying so what do you think about it?

    Do you think that GM intended for this kind of performance, or is just their way of dealing with the issue?

    Does it seem normal to have to add oil between oil changes on a brand new car? If this is "expected" and "normal" behavior GM should be including this information in their marketing material.

    Thanks for you help and insight.

  • 0patience 04/08/11 4:05 pm PST

    "Do you think that GM intended for this kind of performance, or is just their way of dealing with the issue?"
    I don't think GM intended for this kind of performance, but I don't think that they are willing to re-design all of the engines that have that kind of oil consumption.
    "Does it seem normal to have to add oil between oil changes on a brand new car? If this is "expected" and "normal" behavior GM should be including this information in their marketing material."
    The fact that there are many other engines that have little oil consumption between oil changes is a good testimant to the fact that it shouldn't be considered normal. But, each manufacturer has its own idea of what should be normal oil consumption and they will probably all give themselves enough room to cover themselves.
    And yes, it should be something that they provide information about, but unfortunately, until they are required to do so, it isn't likely that they will.


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