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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/10/08 11:55 am PST

    Forgive me for stating the obvious but I'm almost sure this vehicle has an interior trunk release. Since you mention that you can fold down the back seat I'm assuming you can get into the car. Check the owner's manual. I think the trunk release might be near the gas door release.

    If you are also locked out of the car, you'll have to call a locksmith.

  • canddmeyer 08/10/08 5:38 pm PST

    Try using the second key set that came with the vehicle.

  • subearu 08/10/08 10:45 pm PST

    If you haven't enabled the lock on the rear seats, yes, you can release one of the seats and get back to the trunk and get the keys or at least pop open the trunk from the emergency release. The seatback release (and lock) is at the top near the window. At least that is how it is on my '07 S40, should be similar on the S60.

    If you have locked the car doors, then you'll need the 2nd key to open them first. But, if you have the 2nd key, then you'd be able to open the trunk!

    If you have keyless start, then the mere presence of the fob on the key should allow you to open the doors and/or trunk. Plus, it won't allow you to lock the doors if the fob is present in the vehicle.

    The last resort is a locksmith, not a cheap endeavor.


  • adweaver 04/26/10 3:15 pm PST

    No locksmith required!

    Can anyone be dumb enough to lock their only key in the trunk of their Volvo S60 with a dead battery, AND lock themselves out of the car?!? Turns out, yes.

    But I managed to get in, so if anyone else is in this little predicament, here's your solution.

    Grab a coat hanger and curl one end into a little 'U' (about the size of a dime). straighten the coathanger.

    Pull up the weather stripping on the driverside window from the bottom right corner. once it gets started, it comes up easy.

    slide the 'U' end of the coathanger in about 9" and turn it 90 degrees. you'll feel it get caught on the locking mechanism when you pull it up. Otherwise, repeat and turn 90 degrees the other way. it's pretty easy to find.

    Pull up firmly and you'll see the lock come up inside the car. open the door.

    To get into the trunk you should be able to unlock the car using the power locks and open it, but if your battery is also dead, you can get in through the ski hatch. Right at the very top in the middle, you can see the clasp that locks it shut. Insert a flat head screwdriver, and work the mechanism down until it pops open. Then grab a flashlight and an ice scraper (or whatever you have handy), and use it to pull the seat release handles out to release each seat forward.

    Viola! Beats paying $100 for a new key, or calling a locksmith.



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