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  • karjunkie 12/07/08 7:23 am PST

    You either have a sticking idle air control (IAC) valve or a intaker manifold leak. Cleaning the IAC is easily done with a toothbrush and spray throttle body cleaner after removing it from the throttle body which is easily done by just removing the two torx-head screws that hold it in place. Once it is clean, together with the hole the IAC’s plunger fits into, use the remainder of the TB cleaner to clean out the inside of the throttle body per the instructions on the can. Spray starter fluid around the intake manifold gasket to check for vacuum leaks. If the engine surges from idle as you spray, you have a leaking intake manifold. Also, check all the hoses running into the intake manifold for leaks and cracks as this will also cause erratic idle problems. Good luck!


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