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  • texases 06/30/11 9:18 pm PST

    Under 'completed listings' they seem to get bid up to around $17-$20k. What will Carmax pay you for it?

  • kmccoach 06/30/11 9:39 pm PST

    NADA values it (based on my responses) between 23000 and 26000. Carmax has one for sale for 24,599 with 41K miles and 23998 with 30K miles both vehicles are black which is the rare color. Kelley Blue Book rates it around 22000

    If I go to carmax to sell it, I want to make sure I get the best price.

  • texases 06/30/11 9:43 pm PST

    Well, you won't get the 'best' price from Carmax, it'll be wholesale. But if you don't want to sell it on your own, it'd be quick and easy.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/01/11 11:04 am PST

    I think if you really want to sell it, you're right, people aren't biting in the mid 20s. I think $18,500 to $22,500 is the sweet spot here.

    Some sellers want to treat these cars as if they were "collectible" and not subject to the rules of depreciation, but this is just not so. These cars are too new to be collected, and too many of them are for sale now anyway. Besides all that, the brand-new Mustangs keep getting better and better and faster and faster.

    So I'd sell at a lower price, sure. It's not going to get better as time goes on for you.


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