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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/04/10 1:54 pm PST

    There are various state laws about what $$$ amount of shipping or transit damage a dealer has to reveal. You'll have to find that out from your AGs office or local DAs office to see if you have a legal claim of any sort.

    Also it isn't clear to me whether you can see hail damage or that you are only believing such based on hearsay.

  • Stever@Edmunds 11/04/10 2:00 pm PST

    You should check with your state's attorney general or consumer protection office, but probably not. Some states specifically let dealers repair unsold cars and sell them as "new". Some states have a dollar cap on repairs.

    Hail damage might be a bit much; the intent is to let dealers repair minor shipping damage without having to disclose those repairs to the buyer.

    Here's one example from South Carolina:


  • isellhondas 11/04/10 5:09 pm PST

    I can't but wonder just how bad this hail damage could be if it took you EIGHT weeks to even notice it???

    If the salesperson admitted that thye knew of this, then they should certainly repair your car. they should have discolosed it IF they knew of it.

    I don't suppose there is ANY chance at all the damage could have happened after you bought the car?

    If it were my car and they knew of the damage, I would maybe ask for some compensation and not have it fixed. After all, how bad can it possibly be?

    Probably better in the long run than repairing and repainting your roof.

  • 04350 11/04/10 7:03 pm PST

    Strange that the front hood and rear trunk didn't have any hail damage but the roof did?

    That's why when you buy a vehicle on anywhere it is a good idea to buy it during daylight hours,
    when it hasn't snowed, when you can closely inspect the vehicle such as for dings and scratches, and that can be factored into your offer if you discover that.

    If you plan on keeping the car for 8 or 10 years and average 15K miles per year, it really won't make much difference.

  • morin2 11/04/10 7:22 pm PST

    When we bought my wife's current Subaru Forester, there was snow on the roof. We took it home & parked it in our garage where the crusty snow melted to reveal dents consistent with ice falling on the car from trees and a power line. We returned to the dealer and they had a PDR guy make the repairs. You would never know the roof had those dents.

    8.5 weeks seems like a long time to notice the hail damage - but you could have found it if you were waxing the roof for the first time, I suppose.

  • kingoftheding 12/06/10 11:01 pm PST

    Hail damage is not considered shipping damage. This damage should have been disclosed to you at the point of sale. You do have recourse, Contact you states attorneys office The dealer certainly knew it had hail damage because they collected an insurance check for the damage. This damage should show up on the carfax report when they filed the claim. Pull it and take it to the selling dealer ship. Hopefully they will handle it amicably. Hope this helps



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