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  • karjunkie 01/09/10 3:02 pm PST

    When you get that light, you need at a minimum to drain the fuel filter module. I strongly suggest you change the fuel filters, drain the Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module (HFCM), and pull the cover off the HFCM and clean any crud off the sensor. You'll be surprised at the crud buildup when you see it. Get a new HFCM cover plate gasket from the dealer and installed it when you do this or you may get air leaking into the system. This is standard maintenance for these trucks and should be done every 20K miles. The WATER IN FUEL (WIF) light will come on when approximately 0.2 pints (100 cc) of water accumulates in the module. Ford recommends draining the water from the HFCM monthly or when the WIF light comes on. I strongly suggest you do it at every oil change. Lastly, after you have drained the HFCM and re-installed the plug, remember to cycle the ignition before starting to prevent airlock.

  • joeogg1 01/09/10 3:46 pm PST

    I live here in NC too and it really isn't cold enough to worry that much about water in your line, however it should be removed. Go to a parts store and get alcohol (removes water) there are water removers specifically for diesels. ALSO, put in some Lucas fuel treatment just for cleaning measures.

  • iwant2kno 01/10/10 10:56 pm PST

    There are three things that readily come to mind regarding the water in your fuel, may be four things.
    There almost always is a drain cock on the bottom of the filter to drain the water from the system. That should be the first priority.
    Next, I would replace the filter with a reliable filter from your Truck dealership.
    The weather temp being the problem is it, I would add the appropriate amount of fuel additive for the amount of gallons of winter weather fuel, to prevent the fuel from jelling.
    Occasionally the pump air bleed has to be bled free of air when the filter has been changed.
    It is very important the water is eliminated from the system. Otherwise , the water can blow the injectors . They are very expensive.
    Good luck!


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