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  • karjunkie 05/17/10 1:05 pm PST

    Most likely it is that your sunroof drains are stopped up. Go to a mechanic with an air compressor (most mechanics will have one) and ask that they blow out the front and back drains with compressed air. This is a very common problem with sunroofs as over time dirt and small leaves will work themselves into the channels and stop up the drains. Very easy fix!

  • autoboy16 05/23/10 7:26 am PST

    Its your sunroof drains. They are clogged somehow.

    Just take it to your local vw dealership. They recently announced a recall on all their cars with a sunroof. They will clean them for you free of charge.

  • diverdon2 01/18/11 4:36 am PST

    There is a recal on the drain chanel of the sunroof of Jetts's. The chanel gets cloged and water ends up on the floor of the car.(drivers side with me). The blowing out of the chanel worked for me. Dealer did it as it was a recal item.

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