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  • 442dude 07/09/08 10:54 pm PST


    All of the classic symptoms of the BCM (body control module) failing. Its a computer part that basically is the brains of lots of the power stuff in your car. When you press the lock for the doors, it sends a signal to the BCM to actually tell the doors to lock (as an example). Unfortunately, its a dealer only repair $ 600-700 I believe, so do everything you can to get the dealer to replace it while you're still under warranty.

    The BCM controls all of the stuff you mentioned and lots more too. Getting it to do it at the dealer is another story...no easy feat for anyone...

    Good Luck...

  • vueguy 02/18/09 6:21 pm PST

    The same thing is happening to my 2006 saturn vue. 40000 miles. I just had it diagnosed and it turned out to be a door jam switch. $15 part plus $100 labor to install plus tax.


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