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  • docj 06/29/08 11:07 pm PST

    Sounds like a theft system problem for sure.
    Very possibly a faulty GEM module(Generic Electronics Module) which is the body control module.
    Have the system data scanned for trouble codes using an advanced system scanner before throwing parts at this.
    I suggest taking this in to the dealer or qualified repair facility for diagnosis first and then decide if you can repair yourself or just have them do it.

    Some GEM modules need to be programmed to the vehicle when installed.I dont know for sure on this year or not.
    Programming needs to be done by the dealer or a shop with the capabilities for this.

    Doc J

  • goblue1279 06/30/08 2:16 pm PST

    One question I would ask is did you recently get a new key made for this truck?

  • kbboyz 07/25/08 9:21 pm PST

    I have a 1999 F150 that did the exact same thing earlier this week. I ended up taking it to the dealer and they replaced the safety switch on the clutch (it's a 5 speed). They also replaced the starter solenoid on the firewall (I thought it was on the starter but they said it was on the firewall).We have only had it back for a day but it has started fine since getting it back


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