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  • morin2 08/20/09 10:21 am PST

    Who quoted you this price? Its too high. If its at the dealer, walk your salesman over to the Chevy trucks, find a WT model (work truck) and look at the window sticker. It will show AC to cost $870 MSRP (the invoice on AC is $766). You should not pay more to have it installed than it costs as optional factory-installed equipment.

    I also think you'd be better off if you could find the Aveo with factory AC.

  • karjunkie 08/20/09 10:35 am PST

    Go to the "new cars" section of Edmunds.com and you can look up the options cost by clicking on the pricing option for your specific make and model. It will show you the dealer invoice cost and the MSRP for that option. Try and negotiate the price as close to invoice as possible. Good luck!

  • morin2 08/20/09 12:10 pm PST

    The Aveo has very limited options - and AC is not one of them. Basically, Aveos come in 3 trim lines, and the most basic "LS" has roll-up windows, manual locks & mirrors etc + no AC. AC can be installed after-market, but I think you are better off looking at a higher trim level that includes AC
    The LT1 model includes AC, keyless entry, power windows, locks, cruise and satellite for about $2000 more than the stripped LS.
    The LT2 adds bigger wheels (15"), foglamps, and upgraded upholstery and maybe a few other minor details for about 1200 more than the LT1.

    IMO, the basic LS - lacking AC would be fine in northern climes where you don't need AC. If you want an Aveo with AC, I think you are better off getting the LT1 model Aveo than having AC installed after-market to the base vehicle.

  • karjunkie 08/20/09 12:17 pm PST

    I have to agree with morin2 on this. You might as well buy a higher trim level with AC than trying to get a reasonable price on the AC from the dealer as an aftermarket option. However, one other alternative is to ask an auto AC shop in your area for a quote on installation. I am sure they'd be much cheaper than the dealer.

  • Stever@Edmunds 08/20/09 5:01 pm PST

    I see a lot of people on the CarSpace Forums paying close to $2,000 to upward of $4,000 to repair failed ACs (example post), so $1,500 doesn't look too bad to me to have a new unit installed.

    There are plenty of good AC repair shops around who could also do this; the only thing to really compare (beside price) is how long the warranty will last.

    If you spring for the higher trim level, the 3/36 warranty should cover it. The warranty on one not installed by the factory is likely to be 12/12 or less.

  • jjw6 04/19/11 12:13 am PST

    I was in the same situation i purchased all the lines and switches bolts everything accept the compresser and traded the aveo off but still have all the hardware listed if you did buy and still need air please get back with me


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