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  • tony78 05/27/09 1:24 am PST

    What it means is that the nissan special edition altima is special,,,,,and the regular altima is not special.

    Really all they do is toss in a few different interior trim pieces,,,put a few stickers on the outside and slap on a couple of special badges,,,and ,,,voila !

    You got a special edition nissan altima,,,

    Oh ya,, and to be one of the lucky chumps who get to own one of these special edition jobbies,,

    you get the privaledge of paying extra through the nose for it.

  • mz6greyghost 05/27/09 9:28 am PST

    It's more than just special badging, but nothing more than a few option package changes, and/or making certain options standard on the "Special" editions. Pricing would be similar to having a current model with the same options/features.

    In other words, it's a marketing trick they use to gain more showroom traffic when a model is about to be revised/replaced.


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