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  • obyone 09/29/08 4:00 am PST

    An OTD price includes tax, title, license, any and all fees. Basically it's the bottom line of what you're to pay with nothing else added on.

  • karjunkie 09/29/08 7:10 am PST

    It means "out the door" price and as the name implies it is the amount with all taxes and fees included. Good luck!

  • cargurl4real 02/05/11 1:43 pm PST

    The OTD price is just that THE OUT THE DOOR PRICE. When you have decided on a car that you want and ask for the OTD price, it should include the following.

    1. Price of car
    2. tax, tags, tile & dealer processing fee. (No freight it's in the price of the car, if added thats all dealer profit. FYI)
    3.All add on features that you request to be added. (warranty, service plans, GAP insurance, paint film, tow pkg & so on)

    This will be the OUT THE DOOR PRICE, your DELIVERED PRICE!

  • homs_71 07/06/11 9:09 pm PST

    It should include the tax, destination, documents and plate fees.


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