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  • karjunkie 09/13/08 11:27 am PST

    The best fuel efficient used SUVs based on reliability in my opinion would be a 2005 Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4. At 3 yrs old, you get a good discount off a new car price while getting a very reliable vehicle. They are not true off-roaders but have good clearance and can handle rough roads. They both use regular gas and get close to 30 MPG on the highway.

  • fadetoblackii 09/13/08 4:37 pm PST

    When the Ford Escape first came out a car magazine (sadly, I can't remember which one) threw it into a comparo with several larger SUV's. IIRC, I believe there was a Tahoe, an Explorer, and a 4Runner involed. They got the Escape to go everywhere the other big utes went with little difficulty.

    The Escape/Mariner uses a real 4WD system instead of AWD like many small utes are going to these days which helps it out alot off road. They'll get into the mid 20's in gas mileage, but I'd say they'd be worth a look if you want something smallish like the RAV4. For something a little larger I would recommend a 4Runner all the way (I'd look at an '01 or '02, but I prefer the older bodystyle). They're great off road and you can get low 20's on the highway.


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