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  • tony78 06/15/08 11:51 am PST

    All Season tires ?

    That really depends on where you live,,all season in alaska would be different then all season in arizona.

    What you should do is consult a tire professional in your area for the tires best suited in your geographical area.

  • simpilot1 06/15/08 4:45 pm PST

    What do you mean by better? Better Handling? More miles? Lower rolling rersistance for better mileage? Better wet traction? There is no one tire that's best for everyrhing. I'd suggest going to www.tirerack.com and checking out which tires fit your car and decide which is the best compromise for your driving based on their tire reviews.

  • steverabulan 01/28/09 9:57 am PST

    i have toyo proxes4's on my 05 tC and i live in chicago. they are wonderful in the summer, INCREDIBLE wet and dry traction BUT i think they're horrible in the winter. im at about 40% wear and its much much harder to handle compared to my sister's corolla and my friend's accord. they would be easily able to get out of snowy situations that i can't.


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