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  • gapporter 06/23/11 1:23 pm PST

    Usually around 550- 600

  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/23/11 1:45 pm PST

    105,000 miles.

    HOwever, your car was subject to a recall campaign concerning replacement of the timing belt tensioner so if this hasn't been done you might check with your local Honda dealer--and if this needs to be done you might have the pump and belt changed as well.

    The VIN #s affected are:

    2HKYF1.....3H500001 through 3H527764

  • sclong 11/27/11 11:00 pm PST

    All I can tell you is I just paid $895 for a timing belt replacement which also changed out the water pump. It took about 5 hours and thats about $180 per hour. Mighty darn good for them. Not so good for me. I know with out a doubt when we decide to trade this Pilot we are going to get anything but a Honda. I will buy a Chevrolet or Ford but I will never ever buy another Honda period.


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