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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/23/09 11:39 am PST

    Some parts of no. California have notoriously bad reception anyway, like Marin county. But it's probably something to do with your windshield antenna. I'd suggest you consult with a really professional car audio shop and see what solutions they could offer. There are some good ones in San Rafael. Maybe they can fix you up with a roof mount or some such.

    Also I see from my records that the MDX had a batch of bad radios in 2005 and this was noted on a Technical Service Bulletin. Not sure if this applies to your vehicle. Check the ID #s.

    February 2, 2006
    *Applies To:

    2005 MDX with Rear Entertainment System - From VIN 2HNYD18...5H516982
    thru 2HNYD18..5H547800*

  • dmortaz 11/23/09 12:26 pm PST

    Thanks Mr. Shiftright for the suggestions. We don't live in Marin County, but our Lexus NEVER had such problems in the same region of daily travels! One time I got the Acura rep at the SF AutoShow to admit that they used cheap components on the 1st run of the MDX models, but this is a 2005.

    Needless to say, we are not impressed with such poor quality of the reception and the sound that comes out of the Bose system. Our 1st impression of Acura are not that positive compared to Lexus.

    Having said that, I did manage to find a service bulletin on the AM Radio Reception. But does that mean, the dealer has to fix it for free!?

    Thanks again for all your suggestions and help.

  • karjunkie 11/23/09 1:03 pm PST

    Acuras seem to have poor radio reception. The solution is to replace the radio with one rated for good FM reception. www.crutchfield.com is one site with a lot of information about car radios.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/23/09 3:04 pm PST

    No a Technical Service Bulletin is not an obligation on the part of the dealer to fix anything, but rather a suggestion from the factory on HOW to fix it, as well as warranty information, should the item still be under warranty at the time. (or a warning that something won't be honored under warranty).


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