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  • trikev19 05/12/08 2:23 pm PST

    The latch system an attempt to simplify the process of installing a child safety seat into a vehicle. In the past, there were so many child safety seat designs and vehicle seat belt systems that it was a real challenge for the average parent to install one properly. The result was improperly installed child safety seats and children weren't being restrained safely. A child safety seat can be installed into a seating position that is not equiped with the latch system and done so safely. Also, the tether anchor point on the rear deck is to minimize forward motion during a frontal crash. In a properly installed child safety seat, this in not necessary. Reach out to your local police or fire department and ask if they have a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. This person will teach you how to install properly and you can eliminate the 3 latch requirement from your vehicle search.


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