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  • my_aurora 11/20/08 3:11 pm PST

    You should check out the Honda Ridgeline or Dodge Durango. A friend of mine just bought a 2007 Durango with 13000 miles for $13,500. If I had my choice, I would go for the ridgeline, because I've heard a lot of good things about it.

  • tiffnenzo 11/20/08 4:16 pm PST

    It's about the same vehicle but also keep an eye out for the GMC Acadia. The thing is they are 07+ and it might be hard to find one in that price range. 

  • juliaom 12/18/08 8:21 pm PST

    Do NOT buy the Buick Rendevous unless you have a bottomless pocketbook for repairs.
    I have a used 2002, bought in 2004, and it has cost me to dat $9000 in repairs, the AC the head gaskets, the window motors, the wheel hubs, the switch, now the AWD and tie rod.
    Try the Hyundai (sp?), or the old standby a TOYOTA.

  • juliaom 12/20/08 7:32 pm PST

    Well, GM after a month of haggling has paid for my AWD to be repaired, but while the dealer repair shop checked the car, they found the tie rod was going and needed replacement. And the front breaks had worn out, probably due to the AWD being malfunctioning for three months. So as of friday the repair costs on this 2002 Buick Rendevous has reached $10,000.
    Do not buy this car.


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