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  • igozoomzoom 01/10/11 5:27 am PST

    I have confirmed that the following models have a blind spot monitoring/waraning system-

    Volvo S40, S60, S80, XC60
    Lincoln MKT, MKX and MKZ
    Mazda6 i Touring Plus & Grand Touring; s Touring Plus & Grand Touring
    Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring
    Ford Fusion SEL, Sport & Hybrid, Taurus Limited & SHO, Explorer XLT & Limited
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited & Overland (late availability, summer 2011)
    Infiniti M37, M56 and EX35
    Mercedes-Benz E, GL, CL, R and S-class models

    The system used by Volvo, Ford/Lincoln and Mazda is called the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and it's the only one I've experienced first-hand. I had a 2010 Mazda6 s Grand Touring as my loaner vehilce while my Mazda3 was out of service for a few days. I think a system like this could prevent accidents and save lives, there's no question about it! But I after a few quick lane changes squeezing into a car-sized slot between two ther vehicles, but not much room to spare, the warning became very irritating. I found the switch to deactivate BLIS, but it resets to the ON position when the car is started again.

  • nrock7 06/16/12 11:48 pm PST

    These are the cars I have actually driven with a blind spot type function: There is a difference. Blind spot detection vs. blind spot intervention.

    2011 Infiniti M56x and M37x with the Technology package. Infiniti has the blind spot INTERVENTION which not only has an interior light on both right and left which light up when a car is detected in your blind spot but the car also gives a tug on the steering if you try to turn into that lane, which tug can keep in in lane; you can override it but you can't ignore it. This is a useful feature from my point of view but has to be activiated each time I started the car.

    The 2012 Mercedes C class has a blind spot DETECTION with a reasonable size lighted triangle on both of exterior rear view mirrors. When a car is in your blind spot it turns red and if you try to turn, the car emits an audible warning.

    The 2013 Ford Taurus LTD has a blind spot DETECTION (Ford refers to it as BLSS) which is a lighted dot on both exterior mirrors. It was a little small and difficult to see depending on the lighting.

    2012 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid has a blind spot DETECTION feature which has a lighted car-outline feature on each exterior rear-view mirror. This lights when a car is in your blind spot. It was easier for me to see than the Ford dot.

    From my point of view the Infiniti has the better system as the light is on the inside of the cabin, not influenced by exterior conditions and cannot be easily ignored; which is what I need. The next best was the Mercedes due to it's triangular size and the sound. The next was the Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid because it was next most easily viewed and not to minimize it but to simply contrast it was the Ford Taurus. There are others out there, but I have not driven them yet.


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