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  • tony78 10/19/08 4:21 pm PST

    it could still be a power steering system problem,,,it could be a power brake problem.

    The whining sound you are indicating sounds like something that is operated from the accessory belt.

    Cannot give you a definite answer,,because then i would be guessing too.

    Take your car to several different shops to get several different opinions,,what erver opinion comes up the most,,,well there you go.

  • 03ompalalsguy 10/24/08 2:36 pm PST

    i had my 03 impala ls ,checked out for the same problem,it sounded like a moped under the hood when i picked up speed.turned out to be a wheel bearing.i recomend picking up a japanese one like i did at the auto parts store for 110$.the american made one at the same store was 200 $ and the reasonable installation price is 50 bucks.my car has 150,000 miles and runs like a champ.besides the fact that half of the lights on the dash n gauges are either dim or out. grrrr.but love the car.


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