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  • 0patience 01/23/08 8:22 pm PST

    You will need a diagram and flow chart to diagnose this trouble code.
    An AlldataDIY subscription is a good source for that.

    The cam sensor is located on the timing cover behind the water pump near the camshaft sprocket. As the camshaft sprocket turns, a permanent magnet activates the Hall-Effect switch in the cam sensor. When the Hall-effect switch is activated, it grounds the signal line to the ECM, pulling the cam signal line's applied voltage low. This is interpreted as a cam signal. The cam signal is created as piston #1 is approximately 25°after top dead center on the power stroke. When the cam signal is not received by the ECM, a Code 41 will set.

    Code 41, Cam sensor circuit.

    Check For
    Poor connection or a damaged harness - Inspect ECM harness connectors for backed out terminal "BC5," improper mating, broken locks, improperly formed or damaged terminals, poor terminal to wire connection and damaged harness.
    Intermittent test - If connections and harness check OK, monitor a digital voltmeter connected from ECM terminal "BC5" to ground while moving related connectors and wiring harness. If the failure is induced, the voltage reading will change. This may help to isolate the location of the malfunction.

  • buick89 01/24/08 5:11 pm PST

    Thanx for that info but one more thing,where would my ECM be located? I will try and get this matter resolved.Will this injure the car if not fixed soon? This is very important to me so I need to know how soon should I get this taken care of because its a used car and it runs great and I wanna keep it as long as possible.


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