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  • karjunkie 05/17/10 1:24 pm PST

    There is an adjustment link in the e-brake cable underneath the cab, near the cab rear. If all the adjustment is taken up correctly, inspect the drum-type e-brake linings by removing the rotor housings. The linings may be worn excessively or they may no longer be secured to the back plate. This is a rinky-dink "drum in hat"design by GM, IMHO, so be careful when removing the tiny bolt used to secure the brake assembly to the back plate. It breaks easily. Spray it with PB Blaster before removal. If it breaks, the rear axle assembly will have to be pulled to facilitate replacing this small fastening bolt. Make sure to use mechanic's wire to support the caliper so as not to damage the brake lines. It's a good idea to inspect those e-brake linings and drums regularly even if you have enough cable adjustment to get pedal pressure and effective e-brakes. Minimum thickness of the parking brake shoe lining in any given spot is 1.5 mm (0.06 in). If they are worn beyond that point, they must be replaced.


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