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  • sandman235 04/08/08 5:31 am PST

    check anything near the exhaust that might be burning, make sure the cooling system is full and there is no leak, same with all other fluids, a bad electrical connection can cause enough resistance to melt plastic connectors, so be aware of any electrical problem with lights or the like.

  • tedebear 04/08/08 6:50 pm PST

    I once ran over a plastic bag blowing around in a parking lot of a fast food drive-through I was going through. It got under the car and found its way to the hot exhaust pipe, which grabbed it like a magnet.

    I managed to pull most of what was left of the bag off but for about a week I could smell melting plastic when I was stopped.

  • booginny 11/09/08 9:02 pm PST

    I had the same thing happen. I smelled that melting plastic smell and ignored it for about two weeks. Then I started noticing smoke from the engine area after driving about 2.5 miles. My mechanic found a pinhead-sized hole in my oil filter after spending 2.5 hours looking over every possibility. He changed the oil filter and it was good as new.

  • booginny 09/28/09 7:11 pm PST

    This happened to one of my cars. It smelled like burning plastic. I let it go for a few weeks until I started seeing smoke from under the hood. It turned out to be a tiny pinpoint hole where the new oil filter was tightened too tightly letting oil leak.


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