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  • zaken1 03/06/10 7:04 pm PST

    The 1980 Vette is a relatively easy car to install a crate engine in; because it originally came with a carburetor, and the crate engine is a direct bolt in. If yours has a 350ci motor, then there also is no computer to deal with. But if your car came with the 305ci motor and has a computer for California emissions, then a crate engine would technically violate emission laws; because it is not computerized.

    In view of your goals of increasing power while keeping it driveable; I would highly recommend either a GM Performance # NAL-12498772 ZZ383 425 HP small block crate motor ($5,609.95 from Summit Racing); or a milder and less expensive GM Performance # NAL-12499101 HT383 340 HP small block crate motor ($4,669.95 from Summit Racing).  These engines come with a 24 month/50,000 mile warranty. A 383 small block will provide much more power than the stock motor without it having to be too radically tuned to do so. Either motor is totally appropriate for street use. The 340 HP motor has more low end torque and fuel economy, but less total power. The 425 HP motor does not include an intake manifold. Both engines do not come with a flywheel, distributor, or air cleaner; but are otherwise complete. I posted a link to the 425 HP motor below.

    Source: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/NAL-1


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