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  • karjunkie 02/19/09 8:03 am PST

    Your suspicions are spot on. Usually, a car is declared a total loss whenever the insurance company decides that the repairs exceed the fair market value of the vehicle. In other words, the insurance company would rather pay the lower of FMV or the repair. There may have been significant issues beyond the damage you note that led the insurance company to believe it was a total loss. There should be a total loss report that was issued by the insurance company's adjuster that will describe how he determined it was a total loss. Ask to see this report. Before buying this car, I would also have an independent mechanic do a complete inspection. Good luck on your decision!

  • dspada4 03/03/09 2:31 am PST

    First thing you have to do, is to check all the numbers on the vehicle. Start with the frame, engine, fenders doors cowling, even the mirrors. Make sure all the numbers match. Is the engine the one that came with the car? The car might of been stripped and then put back together with other vehicle parts. That is what comes to mind when they say rebuilt salvage.


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