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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/06/09 6:18 pm PST

    The body control module (BCM) supplies vehicle occupants with visual and audible information and controls various vehicle functions. To provide and receive information, the module is interfaced to the vehicle's serial bus communications network (the Chrysler Collision Detection bus, or CCD bus). This network consists of the powertrain control module (PCM), the transmission control module (TCM), the electro/mechanical instrument cluster (MIC), the airbag control module (ACM), the compass/mini- trip module and the controller antilock brake (CAB) module. The BCM is operational when battery power is supplied to the module. Ignition switch power is needed for ignition switch functions.

    The body control module provides the following features:

    • automatic door locks
    • battery protection
    • CCD radio
    • chimes
    • compass/mini-trip support
    • courtesy lamps
    • BCM diagnostic support
    • door lock inhibit
    • headlamp time delay
    • ignition key lamp
    • illuminated entry
    • instrument panel dimming
    • mechanical instrument cluster support
    • power door locks (with/without remote keyless entry)
    • sliding door memory lock
    • vehicle theft security system (VTSS)
    • windshield wipers / washers (front and rear)


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