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  • karjunkie 10/09/08 7:39 am PST

    I suspect you have an intake manifold leak based on lean condition you describe. Spray starter fluid around the intake manifold gasket at different spots to check for vacuum leaks. If the engine surges from idle as you spray a particular spot, you have a leaking intake manifold at that point. A lean operating fault code can also indicate one or more defective oxygen sensors. These are easy to remove and replace on your own. Most auto part stores where you can get the sensors sell a special wrench that makes the job a lot easier. Make sure your injectors are clean and functioning properly. Run some Techron Concentrate injector cleaner through a couple of tankfulls of gasoline. Lastly, Clean the MAF sensor wires in the intake plenum with CRC sensor spray. These are all the usual suspects in a lean running condition. Hope this helps and good luck!


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