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  • lonfrank 04/14/09 6:30 pm PST

    What $2300 TowPackage??? I'v got a '08 SL FWD, now w/24k mi. No Tow deal (none offered) BUT pulls my Ranger Bass rig (probably around 3000#) just fine. What does concern me is I can't take it our of OD or the revs double. Example: @ 60mph I'm pushin' close to 2k, take it out of OD & it'l go over 4k w/or w/o the boat. Dealer sez: "it's normal" & I'v lived w/it!!
    Love the car can get 30+ MPG on Interstate @ 60mph.
    Pull that darn Jetski & you won't know it's back there. Lon Frank
    PS don't tell Nissan BUT I drive Mobil 1 15k between changes!!!


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