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  • fatmando 09/05/08 10:42 pm PST

    "evaporative unready and catalyst heat unsupported"

    sounds like a faulty egr valve (cheep fix) and a faulty or missing cayalytic converter (possibly spendy) check with your state's regualtions, the dealer may be liable to make sure the car they sold you is capable of passing state emmissions tests.

  • random01 12/31/08 4:01 pm PST

    Maybe you need to follow the GM drive cycle procedure precisely. See link below from the obdii.com  web site.

  • britta1986 04/17/09 3:59 pm PST

    Ok, if you had your obd reset, which is illegal, but I'm not your mother, you need to drive fifty miles mainly at 55 mph, and get to emissions test in less than 53 miles, otherwise the check engine light will turn back on, it's hard to time, you might have to try several times. Again this is what I have been told by mechanics, but it is illegal so this is in no way advice to help anyone break the law, this is for informational purposes only!


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