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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/13/11 11:42 am PST

    you can't tell which V8 went in the car from the VIN, only that it was an 8 cylinder car when built. There were different V8 engine options.

    If you can find the engine # (on a metal pad in front of the right (passenger) cylinder head) and you can find the SUFFIX (some letters after the engine #), I can tell you if it is indeed a 327, and if it is the right year 327.

    If it shows that your engine is a 1963/327, then I think we could assume it is the correct engine for the car.

    Also there are large casting numbers located on the left (driver's) rear of the engine, where the engine meets the bell housing (you'll have to hop up on the fender and get a flashlight).

    If you can find those casting #s (raised letters, not stamped) I can tell you if it's a 327 block and what range of years that block was used. (not as precise as the engine suffix).

    If we find that your engine is not a 1963 block of any sort, then we're in the dark as to what was originally in there.

    The only sure-fire way to know what engine went into the car at the factory would be to have a factory build sheet, which sometimes show up under the rear seat, in a door panel, or on top of the gas tank. Chances are slim but you never know.

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