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  • karjunkie 10/11/08 9:00 am PST

    It means the changer cannot read the compact discs and any electronic repair shop should be able to fix it. However, I would first try to solve the problem by cleaning the changer. Go to Best Buy or Radio Shack and buy the CD cleaner kit for video game systems and pop it in and listen to the instructions. it may take a few cleanings but it may solve your probelem. Lastly, please note that the CDs need to be loaded upside down in some of the changers. Make sure you try that first!

  • otha41 11/16/08 2:01 am PST

    You can also try canned air and blow the dust out of the reader eye.

    When using canned air make sure to hold the can upright so that you do not spray liquid into the player.

    Source: Otha41


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