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  • Stever@Edmunds 01/07/13 9:29 am PST

    Doc fees - well, I suppose it costs the dealer something to handle the paperwork but doc fees are mostly a profit center and a huge irritant to people buying cars. That kind of item, like ad fees, really should be lumped into overhead and not charged to a customer as a line item.

    No idea what a Service Contract is; sounds like more dealer profit.

    One way to avoid arguing over why you have to pay $250 for a $10 an hour clerk to run your paperwork to the DMV (and it's probably done on the computer anyway) is to focus on the out the door price you want to pay.

    That way you're just negotiating one bottom line number that has the taxes and rebates all rolled in together. And with the fees you've seen so far, hang on to your billfold in the Finance and Insurance room when it's time to sign the paperwork. I bet you get the hard sell for extended warranties, paint protection, etching and a bunch of other stuff you probably don't want or need.

    No idea about the taxes; try your local state taxing/revenue website or call them.

    Enjoy the new ride!

  • knowledgepower 01/07/13 11:20 am PST

    This is a great question and I'm glad you want to know, I've seen thousands of buyers orders over the years. The one thing the customer needs to know is every buyers order is reviewed by an Office Manager before the deal is signed for correctness and taxes are paid and sent to local or state offices. Yes the rebates do lessen the amount of financing and if you notice the amount due has the $900 taken off which means the amount financed is $19,697.82. The documentary fee is allowed by those states and most of the dealers charge it, yes it is profit even though you hear a song and dance when you question it. I kept a top hat and cane by my desk each time a customer would question it because the dealer required you to explain it in a canned speech. The doc fee you are being charged is very low, in Georgia you can be charged as much as $699 for a doc fee and the state allows it. Give these guys their $250 profit but drop the $393 Service Contract which I know you don't need. What should have been there is GAP insurance which for $500 will pay the difference between what your vehicle is worth and what is actually owed. GAP insurance makes Finance Managers no money but benefits you the customer. READ MY WRITING,BUY NO SERVICE CONTRACTS REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU'RE TOLD. Get the GAP insurance. Four years ago my college graduate daughter bought a Nissan Sentra on the exact deal you have, we dropped the bootleg Service Contract and took the GAP.


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