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  • tony78 12/21/09 2:08 am PST

    have you spoke to your ins. agnt ?

    many insrnce co. offer these same services 4 a better price & payments.

    only go to dealer, after you have aftermrkt quotes, gives u more bargaining power.

  • morin2 12/21/09 9:17 am PST

    What's your hurry? Buy just the vehicle from the dealer. All the rest is so high profit that you might as well wear a T-shirt proclaiming "Rip me Off".

    You have until the basic warranty ends to buy an extended warranty, if you think its needed. You will receive extended warranty info from the manufacturer in the mail during the basic warranty period. You would almost certainly come out ahead if you took the cost of the extended warranty and put it in a CD set to mature when your basic warranty expires, then keep it in an interest bearing account for future repairs.

    You don't get tire coverage from the dealer either. Go to a place that sells that tire brand and buy a road hazard warranty from them (about $20 per tire) - that will include lifetime tire rotations as well. You can buy a road hazard warranty even on the OEM tires that came on the vehicle & then you don't have to pay for rotations. Since the rotations will be "free", there will be no reason to put off this critical part of maintenance.

    Wheel coverage? Just buy a spare matching wheel on ebay.

  • eshak 12/21/09 6:21 pm PST

    Thanks for the replies. Regarding wheel/tire coverage was told by couple of my friends that if you are driving at 60mph and have a flat you will need atleast half mile to stop in most cases on highways. In cases like this the tire is worn out and the wheel most probably will have a crack cos the weight of the vehichle is a lot.

    Thought of getting atleast this coverage without the others...thoughts ?

  • morin2 12/21/09 7:27 pm PST

    Its possible to damage a wheel with a catastrophic blowout or a flat caused by sudden impact with some road debris. But those are rare. In about 40 years of driving nearly 2 million miles, its happened to me twice. Both times, I stopped in less than 100 yards from highway speed and did not damage the wheel (one was alloy, one steel). To buy insurance for such an unlikely event seems excessive to me - but perhaps if you drive with a lot of road debris, it might make sense. OEM wheel "new car takeoffs" are commonly sold on ebay for 20-25% of the dealership cost.

  • eshak 12/21/09 10:27 pm PST

    I got my answers. Thanks for your input.


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