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  • mz6greyghost 11/15/09 12:53 pm PST

    If she likes the Vue, then get it.

    As with Chyrsler did with Plymouth, GM will still supply parts and service for ANY vehicle it makes, whether or not it's currently for sale. IIRC, I believe parts for most vehicles are to be in production for up to 10 years after the final vehicle rolls off the assembly line. Finding parts for Saturn (or Pontiac, for that matter) shouldn't be an issue for years, and getting service at any GM dealer shouldn't be an issue either.

  • 442dude 12/05/09 10:59 am PST

    Keep in mind that the Vue is more GM than Saturn and is a shorter version of the Chevy Equinox. Any GM dealer will be able to service it and parts will be readily available for many years to come. My local Chevy dealer has no problem taking care of my Vue.

    Off the topic - don't buy a 4 cylinder Vue with an automatic transmission if its a 2002-2004. The transmissions are notorious for early and very expensive failures. ($7000+)

    6 cylinder models from those years are OK as well as 4 cylinder automatic models 2005+


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