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  • karjunkie 05/08/09 1:31 pm PST

    Hard starting on an older car can result from various problems. First try the simple things you can do yourself and don’t cost much. Check all the vacuum hoses under the hood for tears, cracks or loose connections. Check the spark plug wires for wear and tear or a possible short. Change the spark plugs, PCV valve, fuel filter and the air filter. A worn spark plug or clogged PCV valve or fuel filter could result in hard starting. Check your fuel pump for proper operation. Turn the key to the on position without starting the car and listen for the sound of the fuel pump from the area of the back seat. If you do not hear the pump pressurizing the fuel system you may have a bad fuel pump. Make sure your injectors are clean and functioning properly. Run some Techron injector cleaner through a couple of tanks of gasoline. Clean the MAF sensor wires in the intake plenum with CRC sensor spray.


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