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  • wern10 03/15/08 10:10 pm PST

    the ignition is the source of the primary fire for your sparkplugs.if you follow your plug wires to the back of the engine youll find them connected to the ignition coils,and your s has 2 of them.and under them is a control module which receives a signal from your crankshaft in which it tells the coils to fire.usually the problem your having is caused by the ignition module or engine control module. its a common problem.if the coil/coils fail the vehicle will develope a miss depending on how many terminals of the coils go out,theres 4 on the 2.0,2.2,2.5 cavs.when the module starts going bad you get a stall situation and sometimes if you let it cool down itll restart,but it only restarts a few times before it quits completely.your in the right area because the module is under the cols.thers 3 13mm. bolts that hold it on and has 3 electrical plug ins,if you attempt to change it yourself be sure to mark the spark plug wires and electrical connectors to insure proper reinstallation.hope this was helpful.

    Source: haynes repair manual chevy cav.87-99

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