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  • morin2 12/09/10 1:39 pm PST

    Do you have the service history for the car and the owner's manual? If so, you need to compare what has been done to what has needed to be done.

    At 14 years old and 166K miles, you should take the car to a trusted qualified local independent mechanic to be serviced (not the dealer).

    My greatest concern at this age would be the timing belt and water pump. If the timing belt has never been replaced, it should be done and the water pump at the same time. Other items should be checked to see if they are due - such as spark plugs. If you have not had a coolant change in over 3 years, have that done. And do oil changes every 5K miles. At this age, I would be using a high-mileage engine oil of the viscosity specified for your engine (printed on the oil cap or in the manual).


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