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  • tony78 08/21/09 10:19 pm PST

    good question, if you installed those accessories then you have a good idea what they are worth minus 25 % of cost.

    1. go to the top of this page,,click on,,used cars.

    2. go to next page,, click on,,determine the value of your used car.

    Start from there,,then you will get an idea of the ballpark price range.

    The vehicle you are describing is sometimes called a " contractors " truck.

    A good place to advertise would be in a, hot sheet,,green sheet,,penney saver,,easy ads,,recycler,,in the commercial equipment section.

    This way you can target the audience that would be interested in your specific type of vehicle.

  • davemskinner 08/28/09 1:15 pm PST

    It is the 450 that causes one to ask this question. All anyone can find is the F350.


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