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  • karjunkie 11/19/09 2:10 pm PST

    This is a common problem usually related to the crankshaft position sensor. Before you replace it, disconnect the electrical connector to the CPS sensor and clean it with electrical contact spray and add a dab of dielectrical grease. If the problem continues, replace the CPS sensor. It is easy to replace and is not very expensive. It just bolts to the engine block with one or two bolts. I believe the CPS sensor on the Sedona is behind the timing cover on the front of the engine.

  • frustrated38 10/13/10 8:31 pm PST

    ive been having problems with my 05 sedona ive been told it was the fuel pump,fuel filter and so on.we took it to the kia dealer and found out its the camshaft sensor not sure if this is your problem but maybe its something to check.Hope it can help,it isnt cheap to fix its around 870.00 bucks we hope it our fix.


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