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  • texases 10/27/10 12:05 am PST

    If you need awd, hard to beat the Forester (if it's a good size). Jeeps are not known for their reliability, but if you must do extreme offroad driving, they're hard to beat. Why do you want an SUV?

  • stephen987 10/27/10 1:36 am PST

    As texases said, it depends strongly on what your needs are. If you need major-league off-road ability, the Liberty or a Nissan Xterra would be a good choice, with the Nissan being a good bit more reliable. But both of these are rather uncomfortable, poor-handling beasts on pavement. Think carefully about the conditions under which you do most of your driving.

    If you really just want a tough-looking station wagon with the option of all-wheel drive (as most SUV buyers do), then either the Forester or the Toyota RAV4 would be terrific. The 2011 versions of the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson are worth a look, and you might consider Hyundai's slightly larger Santa Fe too.

  • morin2 10/27/10 7:43 am PST

    First decide if you need to tow. Towing is what separates the SUVs.

    If it won't be a tow vehicle, pay attention to model changes. For example, many recommend subarus, and we are on our 4th one, but they have had some substantial changes (new Forester in 2009 which was introduced early) and new outback introduced in 2010. Also consider that it is a highly personal decision and you really need to drive them. For example, my wife has a strong preference for her 07 Forester while I have an equally strong preference for my 09 Outback - both late in the previous generation of those models.

  • hansette 11/02/10 2:16 pm PST

    Thank you, everyone. I am looking for safety first, something I can depend on while commuting in rainy/snowy weather (not much off-roading), low maintenance costs, and something I can haul furniture pieces in. I THINK I've narrowed my choice to either a Subaru Forester or a Honda CRV. I'm using the 2010 Consumer Reports auto magazine (April 2010) to help me decide--for example, looks like the Honda CRV is mostly o.k., but the 2005/2006/2007 models have some potential drive system issues. Thanks again!


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