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  • actualsize 03/19/08 2:20 pm PST

    Go with the door sticker.

    At dealerships, they sometimes put the most junior mechanic trainee on car wash and tire pressure duty. I had the same problem on several occaisions with my Land Cruiser.

    The tire pressure printed on the sidewall is the max pressure intended for towing and full-load situations. In day-to-day use, center-rib tire wear will be accelerated as the contact patch is smaller and more pressure is focused in the middle. This also hampers stopping distance and emergency maneuverability. Ultra-high pressure does lower rolling resistance and improve fuel economy, but only slightly.

    Go with the door sticker. But make sure you are checking them when cold (not right after driving at high speed--let them cool for an hour) and you use your own digital gauge.


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