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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/22/11 8:15 pm PST

    So if it only happens when turning right, then that means the problem is on the LEFT side, since that is where all the stress goes. You might check the tire treads for a rock or something. Dealers are often very careless about noise complaints. I didn't see any TSBs on this subject of clicking but there was one on the subject of a clunk or pop while turning at low speed which was attributed to a loose or not well lubricated spring damper locking bolt. (front shocks, basically). So maybe that?

    TSB Number: 11-038
    Title: Suspension - Front End Pop and or Creak and or Knock When Turning

  • achira 12/18/11 1:21 am PST

    I have the same annoying noise, and looked for the source of this noice. Found out that the noise comes from behind the glove box. Some device is hanging down by the wire, and swing around making clanking noise when vehicle is turning or change direction. Found out further that it was attached by only two sided tape. I attached it back to the tape, and few months later, the noise came back. Re-attached it back couple times, and now I'm taking it back to dealer next week, and try to find out how Honda made cheap on this $50,000 (Touring) vehicle by using 2 sided tape attach this device. Will let you know the answer when come back from dealer.


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